Litigation Services

Gauntlet investigators are available to work as part of the litigation team on criminal and civil proceedings to obtain court-admissible evidence.  Whether hired by the attorney or the client, an experienced investigator is always an asset.  Our investigators are responsive, productive, and domain expert. We are also available to assist attorneys with document and evidence review, as well as identifying witnesses, locating assets, obtaining statements, conducting interviews, securing evidence, and providing court testimony.


Domestic Investigations

Domestic situations involving  divorce and child custody are highly sensitive and emotional situations.  When conducting these investigations, it is best to have an objective party collect and provide you with information.  Gauntlet ensures confidentiality and compassion in dealing with your situation.

If you suspect your partner is having an affair, Gauntlet will work to uncover the truth.  Each case is different and begins with a free consultation.  We provide you with possible investigative solutions and work within your budget.  We will gather the facts and present you a professional report.  Armed with discoverable truth, you will have the power to make confident decisions and move forward in the right direction.

During a divorce, a myriad of factors must be considered in order to arrive at a favorable settlement.  An informed, well-crafted settlement impacts immediate and long-term finances, the division of assets, child custody agreements, and expectations of all parties.

Child custody issues can be complex and emotionally charged.  When parental fitness or the suitability of parental associates are in question, Gauntlet can investigate the matter by collecting current lifestyle activities, providing background information on all involved individuals, and provide surveillance reports, if needed.

Gauntlet crafts the investigation to your needs.


Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud costs consumers billions of dollars each year. To avoid settlements or worker’s compensation payouts based on fraudulent claims, providers employ the expertise of private investigators to look into suspicious claims. Gauntlet collects background information and conducts field surveillance of the claimant to provide video and comprehensive reports to the insurance company.


Subpoena Service

Subpoena service includes, if necessary, database search to locate an individual.  Service will be accomplished within the Metro Atlanta area and includes affidavit of successful service.


Whether you want assurance about that person already in your circle, or you need peace of mind before bringing an individual into your home or business, a background screening is a good investment.  Using a cross-section of private databases available to licensed professional private investigators, we generate more accurate information than obtained with online services.  The provided reports reveal past and present addresses, phone numbers, relatives, email addresses.  They can also show civil and criminal records, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcies, liens, confirmation of licenses, and employment information.

Locating People

Tenant Screenings

Home Workers

Employee Screenings

Premarital Screenings

More extensive background investigations are available and can be personalized to your needs to include surveillance, interviews, phone calls, address visits, confirmation of educational degrees, courthouse research, in-person public safety records checks, etc. These intensive background investigations are billed at the investigative services rate.

Fees & Payment

There is no charge for a consultation.

Surveillance Per Hour Plus Mileage $75
Field Work/Investigative Services Per Hour Plus Mileage $75
Screenings & Background Reports (Flat Rate) $75
Subpoena Service $75 first attempt
$20 subsequent attempts
Court Appearance per Hour Plus Mileage $40
Mileage Rate $0.50

Payment is accepted via PayPal Invoice, which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.


While headquartered in Metro Atlanta, Gauntlet will pursue Georgia-based investigations in other states as permitted by law or contract with licensed investigators across the country.


Gauntlet Investigations LLC is fully licensed and insured.  Investigations commence upon written agreement and payment of service in full or via retainer.  Upon completion of investigative assignment, a professionally prepared report will be issued along with a storage device of photos or videos collected during the investigation.

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